Saturday 6:00 PM and Sunday 8:15 AM & 11:00 AM – Holy Eucharist
Sunday 9:30 AM – Education hour for all ages (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

All ages growing in faith and understanding.

Christian Education is a life-long process of learning about the God in whom we believe and what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Good Shepherd has educational opportunities for children and families, youth, and adults.  None of us has it all figured out.  Grace tells us that is OK!  All are welcome to bring your doubts and questions and we will endeavor to learn from one another.

Catechesis (cat-uh-key-sis) is the term the Church uses to talk about instruction in the life and faith of the Church. While catechesis is important for children and young people, it is equally important that adults seize every possible opportunity to grow in the understanding of their faith. Read about the various study, learning and growing opportunities adults can enjoy by downloading a flyer for the current school year.        

Adult Education Offerings 2018-2019 School Year

Sunday Mornings 9:30 AM, September 2018 - May 2019


September 9; Back to School BREAKFAST!

An event for all ages! Come and reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Together we start off another year of learning. And, as we do so, we will introduce—and welcome—our new Cantor, Christopher Prestia, who will now worship and learn alongside of us!


September 16; Forum: Learning About and From our Neighbors, with Kris Albert, Stephanie Lower, and Ryan Lower

Beginning in the spring, we have conducted several interviews with our neighbors—residential, commercial, educational, and governmental. In addition, we have utilized a tool, called MissionInsite, to gain additional demographic as well as lifestyle information about our neighbors. Come and learn what we have discovered.


September 23; Forum: 2018 Youth Gathering: This Changes Everything! with Meghan and Wayne Hooper, Group Leaders, and youth who attended the Gathering this summer

From June 27 through July 1, seven of our youth participated in the ELCA’s national youth gathering in Houston, Texas. They were challenged and inspired to live out their faith in new ways. Come and hear how they were impacted by this experience, and be challenged and inspired as well!


September 30; Forum: Ministry, Money, and Muscle: An Update, with Pastor Russell and the Congregation Council

In what direction is our ministry moving? In what ways does it need to change and grow? Do we have the necessary resources—from regular offerings and those made to the capital appeal—to do those things? And how are we doing as far as people being involved and committed to making all of those things happen? Come to hear an update on “the state of the church” and find out what you can do to help us respond to God’s call to be the church in this place and at this time.


October 7; Blessing of Animals!—Caring for our 4-legged Neighbors, with Pastor Russell

In honor of St. Francis, a great lover of animals, whose day on the church calendar is October 4, we will bless animals in the main parking lot (animals with four legs, scales, feathers, etc.). We know what a special place a pet can occupy in a household; bring your pets to receive a blessing at 10:00 am. Pet sitting will be provided in All Saints’ Hall during the 11:00 liturgy for those pets for which this is appropriate.


MICHAELMAS TERM — October 14 - November 18


October 20 (Sat.); New Member Orientation, with Pastor Mark Russell

Those considering becoming a part of this community of faith are invited to join Pastor Russell for this Saturday morning orientation in which we will explore Lutheran Christianity, especially as it is lived out at Good Shepherd. Contact Pastor Russell for more information.


October 14 - November 18; Adult Class (6 wks): The What and Why of Worship, with Pastor Russell, Chris Prestia, Dr. Kris Albert, and Garrett Book

In its Word and sacrament worship, the Church enables an encounter with God that calls us to greater righteousness and fills us with hope. In the liturgy we practice—and enact already—what it means to live as God’s people in the world, even as we anticipate sharing in the life to come. But there is so much going on in the liturgy that it is difficult, especially for those less familiar, to participate in, and fully appreciate, all of it. In this class we will endeavor to “unpack” the liturgy together to discover the depth of meaning it holds. In the course of this conversation,

participants will be invited to share their experiences of worship and the meaning it holds for them.


November 25; Christ the King: Semi-Annual Meeting

No Education Hour


ADVENT TERM — December 2 - December 23


December 2 - December 16; Adult Class (3 wks): Advent Texts, with Pastor Herb Lohr

Advent, from the Latin ‘adventus,’ is the season of the church year that celebrates the coming of Jesus. Traditionally, it has served to remind us of the last days when Christ returns. For most Christians, however, its deepest significance lies in the fact that it is time to anticipate the incarnation and to make room for Jesus’ coming among us. The readings for worship during Advent reflect this past, present, and future aspect of Jesus’ coming, with the themes of

preparedness, watchfulness, and obedience. Together we will examine more closely these readings and their meaning for us.


December 23; Intergenerational Pre-Decorating for Christmas / Kids Rehearse for 5 pm Christmas Eve

Together we prepare for our celebrations of Christmas.


December 30

No Education Hour


EPIPHANY TERM — January 6 - March 3


January 6; Intergenerational Epiphany Event, with Cantor Christopher Prestia and Denise Russell

All ages are invited to help us bless the New Year and mark the church’s celebration of Epiphany. Our celebration will include marking the doorway of the church, learning about Epiphany, crafts, and food!


January 13; Forum: TBD


January 20; Forum: Ministry, Money, and Muscle: An Update, with Pastor Russell and the Congregation Council

In the fall we discussed “the state of the church,” looking at how our ministry needs to change and grow, as well as what resources—financial and human—we have to move our ministry forward. Come to hear an update and engage in conversation about how God is calling us to be the church in this place and at this time.


January 27 - March 3; Adult Class (6 wks): Radical Hospitality: Understanding and Making Room for the Other, with Dr. Kristen Albert and Garrett Book

We want to be genuinely hospitable, inviting others into relationship in ways that honor and genuinely welcome who they are. And yet, especially when it comes to those who differ from us, there are many things—in us—that prevent us from doing so. In this class we will work to honestly confront and develop awareness of the implicit biases that get in the way of our being radically hospitable to those who differ from us.


LENT TERM — March 10 - April 14


March 10 - April 14; Adult Class (6 wks): Blessing the World Around Us, with Pastor Russell, Dr. Kristen Albert, and the R3 Team

This Lent we invite you to “take on” disciplines that will enable you to bless those around you more intentionally, and give you a forum to process what it means to do this and hold you accountable to do it each week. Utilizing a book by Michael Frost entitled,‘Surprise the World!: The Five Habits of Highly Missional People,’ we will each be challenged to do something this Lent, adding a new practice each week.


EASTER TERM — April 21 - May 19


April 21; Easter Day

Breakfast and Egg Hunt


April 27 (Sat.); New Member Orientation, with Pastor Mark Russell

Those considering becoming a part of this community of faith are invited to join Pastor Russell for this Saturday morning orientation in which we will explore Lutheran Christianity, especially as it is lived out at Good Shepherd. Contact Pastor Russell for more information.


April 28; Forum: Faith and Doubt, with Pastor Mark Russell

On the Second Sunday of Easter we hear about ‘Doubting Thomas.’ On the heels of the Church’s central proclamation we encounter a disciple who doubts. As we do so, we are invited to explore the relationship between faith and doubt, which seem to be flip sides of the same coin. Rather than see doubt as a negative, we will talk of it as faith’s natural companion. Could it even be, as one writer has put it, that “doubt is the ants in the pants of faith to keep it moving?” Participants will be invited to share their own experiences of faith and doubt.


May 5; Forum: Reflections on our Renewal: God’s Work in Us, Through Us, and Among Us, with Dr. Kris Albert

In September 2017 our congregation entered a time of intentional renewal and signed on to become an R3 Renewal Congregation with 23 other congregations in the Lower Susquehanna Synod. Since that time our congregation has been asking many questions and praying for God's leading while engaging in a myriad of activities such as vocational and community interviews, and practices such as sharing examples of where we see God at work among us and in our communities and having spirit-led conversations aimed at helping us to discern God’s intention for us as a community of faith. God has been faithful; seeds of renewal have been planted and have begun to sprout and grow over these months. It is time now that we pause to reflect and share our stories of faith and renewal. Where have you seen God at work among us? What has God called you to do? What have you done that you might not have considered if it had not been for the Holy Spirit at work in you? Together we will explore and celebrate our congregation’s renewal and the ways in which we have seen God at work among us in these past 21 months.


May 12; Good Shepherd Sunday: 10 am combined service and Congregational Meeting at 11:15.

No Education Hour


May 19; Forum: A Good Sermon on Grief, with Pastor Russell

When a death occurs we take comfort in the promise that we, too, will share in Jesus’ resurrection. And yet, while we cling to that hope, we struggle with the deep feeling of loss of someone loved by us. In this forum we will read and discuss a sermon by William Sloane Coffin, a well-known preacher of another generation, who lost a son in an automobile accident.


May 26; Café Conversations

Enjoy conversation in the Shepherd’s Crook Café.