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The Good Shepherd community continues to be vigilant and respects recommendations from our leaders and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our COVID-19 Task Force  has provided an Action Plan that can be accessed HERE. As we continue to gather virtually, links to weekly worship and other helpful resources will be posted on this page.

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Videos are posted to our YouTube channel each week on Saturday by 6:00 p.m.
This week's service, Third Sunday After Epiphany January 23-24: Click Here 
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Learning will take place Sundays at 10:00 am via Zoom this winter, with three classes offered in succession. We encourage you to engage with others in these very relevant conversations in thenext few months. First, we will begin 2021 by helping each of us to develop Spiritual Resiliency for the New Year on January 10 and 17. Then we will spend a few weeks (January 23 and 31 as well as February 7) talking about the pandemic from a faith perspective. And finally, we will spend six weeks (February 14 though March 21) learning to bridge the divisions that exist in our culture by developing skills to have constructive conversations with those holding different political and ideological views. Pretty relevant. Right?!

Contact the church office at or 717-393-3958 for Zoom join info.

January 10 and 17 - Spiritual Resiliency for the New Year

Learn new practices that enable you to develop greater resiliency for whatever the new year brings.

January 24 & 31 and February 7 - God and the Pandemic

N.T. Wright’s book (God and the Pandemic) will form the basis for our discussions. You can participate without a book, or order one from or through Amazon.

February 14 thru March 21 - Talking Across the Divide

We will use Justin Lee’s book, “Talking Across the Divide: How to Communicate with People You Disagree with and Maybe Even Change the World.” Again, that book can be ordered from Hearts and Minds Bookstore or through Amazon, or participate with us without a book.


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January Bible Story "The Widow's Offering" : Click Here




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