Saturday 6:00 PM and Sunday 8:15 AM & 11:00 AM – Holy Eucharist
Sunday 9:30 AM – Education hour for all ages (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

Strengthening the bonds of Christian Community through hospitality and social engagement.

One of the first things a visitor notices about our congregation is an immediate and heart-felt welcome into the fellowship we share. Our hospitality ministry of Greeters and Ushers are the first people visitors usually meet. While each member of the congregation is called to welcome visitors into our midst, the example provided by these specific ministries helps us to remember our call to welcome in the name of Christ.

We also strive to improve the bonds of Christian community through activities that bring us together for times of work and fun. Our fellowship reflects the love of Christ as we gather to share a meal or support a brother or sister in a service project.

The events made possible by the work of the Fellowship Committee, bring us together to build relationships and enjoy time with one another. That usually means there will be plenty of food, and maybe even a song or a dance! Whether it's Mardi Gras celebration or the Thanksgiving Meal, both member and visitor are welcomed and encouraged to participate! 

We also offer fellowship opportunities following special events such as the Good Shepherd Fine Arts Series and after-worship services or special forums. We strive to welcome and provide a place of Christian hospitality that continues to unite us in the love of God.

Men’s and Women’s Breakfasts 

Following the simple formula of food + fellowship + faith, monthly breakfasts for men and women are held in a meeting room at Oregon Dairy Restaurant.  Men meet the first Tuesday of the month, 8:30-9:30 am, with Pastor Russell facilitating.  Women meet the second Friday of the month, at 9 am with Dr. Kris Albert facilitating.  Want to come?  Just show up!